Report 2018

Shaping the future

Environmental Stewardship

Protecting our resources, reducing our impacts

Culture and Wellbeing

Maintaining and enhancing our status of employer of choice

Governance and Ethics

Business operations with a conscience

Sustainability in Services

Leading the market towards a sustainable

built environment

Community and Charity

Working together to create opportunities

GVA has an excellent reputation for taking a tailored approach to addressing our clients’ needs. None of this would be possible without employing and empowering a great workforce who are enthusiastic about their jobs and feel they can bring their whole self to the workplace. In the simplest sense we are a business which is about nurturing relationships and communities around the services we provide.

Health and wellbeing

We’re more than aware of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace – after all, it’s part of what we do. And we’re determined to create an environment in which every person in our organisation feels both physically and psychologically supported. The health of our people matters to us, and we’re doing things to improve it. That’s why we created a framework for workplace wellbeing in collaboration with Axa Healthcare called Mywellbeing.

Emerging talent

Our emerging talent program is market-leading, and colleagues on this career pathway gain first-hand experience in the field, and take on real responsibility within their first few months. Our colleagues advance quickly, and soon make their mark in the industry, working on some of the biggest and most exciting development projects.

Commitment to inclusivity

Over the last 12 months, we have been working to ensure that we are providing an environment where talented people regardless of background or gender can thrive throughout their careers. We have introduced agile working in all our offices, and contemporary working practices to support the changing needs of our people and clients, as well as tailored leadership and development programmes which directly address the specific needs of different groups.

Our goals

Work hard to create a safe working environment where everybody has the opportunity to grow, develop and maximise their potential and goals free from prejudice or barriers

Retain and attract the very best talent

Our objectives

Re-enforce our values and culture

Create an environment built on continuous thinking and mutual trust and respect

Engage with our people and act on the feedback

Recruit the very best talent and provide them with the right tools, responsibility, autonomy and the freedom to innovate

Prepare and coach our managers to lead, and develop our people

Work with the RICS, RTPI and other bodies to increase diversity and inclusion within the property sector

Alignment to UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN SDG 10: Reduced inequalities

Ensure everyone has a chance to enter the property sector and can benefit from accessible environments.

GVA action:
Grow our apprenticeship scheme to give those that are less fortunate a chance to become a property professional. Be leaders in the property sector to consciously create accessible environments for all people.


Gender Pay Gap

Of the total population employed by GVA Grimley Ltd, in the year to 5 April 2018 (the reporting point), 42% are female and 58% are male. Analysis of hourly rates shows gaps in pay and bonus’ between men and woman. The gender pay gap at GVA derives from the make-up of our workforce not our pay structure. Our overall results reflect an industry that is woefully under-represented by women at the most senior levels and particularly in fee-earning roles.

Bonus proportions

A high number of our employees receive a bonus. This fell slightly overall in 2018 and saw the percentage of females awarded a bonus edging fractionally ahead of males.

Pay distributions by quartiles

Our pay distribution by quartile still reflects the fact men represent a higher percentage of the upper quartiles than women and vice versa in lower quartiles.


“Our leaders are creating an open and welcoming organisation where individuals work together towards a collective purpose. They trust individuals and teams to deliver their best work. It’s this level of autonomy that empowers people whatever their background or chosen career path, to truly engage, own their development and exceed the expectations of our clients. I’m excited by the opportunity GVA has to embrace the diverse workforce available to us across the UK and addressing the gender imbalance within the real estate industry.”


Simon Miller, COO, GVA